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Why Men Like Dating Japanese Women

Have you ever ponder why quite a few Western blokes frequently enjoy dating Japanese women? It’s actually not too hard of a question to answer as far as I’m concerned. This article considers its various connotations and gives 2 possible reasons why it just feels right to have an Japanese girl for a girlfriend.

They believe in taking care of their man:

As sexist as this could appear, a good deal of Japanese women are raised to care for their guy and be obedient to him. Taking care of their guy and listening to his words makes them feel like they’re being more obedient to him than if they didn’t. If you were to mention these same attributes around most Western girls you would probably be torn to bits and deemed a misogynist for even daring to suggest a girl should be taking care of a guy and remaining obedient to him. These attributes have mostly been wiped out in today’s Western culture; Western girls seem to be determined to be doing anything possible to not take care of their guy, not to even mention obedience. Japanese woman in contrast are happy to serve their fellow and do stuff for him like clean and make sure that he’s content. Seeing their bloke happy makes them feel happy, while seeing their guy in turmoil makes them feel unhappy.

Japanese women are petite and feminine:

This could be a second one that could seem offensive, but Japanese women typically are much more delicate and feminine than most westernized girls are. They usually take extra care to have a routine that will ensure their shape remains looking attractive and petite. They frequently have strong feminine traits that are difficult to find in the majority of Western ladies. Men like these traits probably more than they like good looks, but you won’t be able to tell most American girls this as they just won’t get it. The Japanese women has all of the qualities of women\girls from an age that’s in the past, it’s so uncommon that many fellows would give almost anything to have that type of lady by their side. The Japanese woman is a modern version of the American lady of yesteryear.

These are only two of the qualities Western guys love about Japanese women. When blokes say they’d prefer to be dating Japanese women, they actually mean a girl who’s not hard nosed, assertive, or rigid, rather a simple woman and a woman worth keeping. I’m not claiming that you can’t locate this type of woman in the West, however it just seems to be much easier to locate in Japan and that’s the reason it makes sense for many Western fellows to be dating Japanese women.

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1 Singles { 04.03.10 at 1:01 am }

I totally agree…. I used to date white girls in states but ever since I came to Japan and met these Japanese girls, my tastes in women have changed completely. I get more respect from Japanese women and at the same time, I do feel like I need to protect them. Anyway, now I am in the happy relationship with Yuki. She is very nice and sexy!

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