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Japanese AV Actress Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa is a mixed Japanese-Canadian and the mix looks to me like it worked out really well. In addition, she is a Japanese AV actress, but we won’t be seeing anything extra here, just clean photos, but still gonna make you say wow! If you’re looking for more you’ll have to try Google.

Maria Ozawa

Name: Maria Ozawa (小澤マリア)
Height: 162cm (5 feet 4 inches)
Weight: 48kg (110 lbs)
Measurements: 35 23 34
Age: 24 (born January 1, 1986)

Maria Ozawa actually started her AV career with the name Miyabi (みやび?) back in October 2005. One can only presume that she was trying to sheild her identity at that point, however since then she has been quite vocal about the Japanese AV industry, her part in it and her enjoyment of her work. She also keeps a personal blog that has been consistently updated since 2005. Because she is half Canadian she attended International schools her whole life and says that her English is actually better than her Japanese.

Ok, enough background info…here’s one more photo and then click the link below to see a larger Maria Ozawa gallery.

Maria Ozawa

See more super hot photos of the Japanese girl Maria Ozawa here.

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Maria Ozawa is really hot is there any way 2 meet her

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